African Drumming Workshops


The popularity of African Drumming in primary schools has dramatically risen over the last ten years. Djembes are a fantastic instrument to try as a first access instrument. Not only are they one of the most inclusive instruments a child can learn, but exciting music can be achieved quickly, whilst allowing plenty of opportunity for musical progression, either as a percussionist or in performing music on other instruments. African drumming is taught aurally, encouraging children's listening skills and their ability to work together as a team in performance. As children grow in confidence, more complex rhythms can involve tricky coordination and the ability to perform with other rhythms. 


Cheryl is an experienced djembe tutor having studied with Ghanaian and Guinean djembefola (djembe masters). She offers an exciting, fun approach to drumming, breaking down tricky rhythms easily for all to learn, whilst incorporating influences from other countries such as Brazil and Cuba.


KS2 Whole Class Tuition

She is able to offer whole-class tuition in primary schools at KS2 level across the South East of the UK. These are available in blocks of 10, 20 or 30 lessons


​No djembes in school? Cheryl can bring equipment including bass drums (doundouns) and hand percussion for an additional fee.


Discuss your needs with Cheryl - email


KS3 Workshops


Looking for an exciting new drum ensemble for your secondary school? Or, are you looking for a one-off workshop to demonstrate the dynamic sounds of African music to your KS3 students?

Cheryl is able to engage your class in a wide range of rhythms in a short space of time - contact her to discuss your needs.


Katuka Beats


Cheryl runs community drumming groups in Edenbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Hadlow. Open to all ages and no experience is necessary. Visit for more information!







“For us personally, it is a way for us to share our own thoughts about the world.
It helps us show through music that all our problems are not needed, and that we can come together as people because we can come together to play music.”
-Mamady Keita on the power of drumming

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CREATIVE COMMunity music workshops


Cheryl Blake

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